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Jumping into the Warzone

Welcome Bruce and Ares to Cursed

We are jumping into the Warzone. Welcome, Ben "Bruce" Avanell and Josh "ares" Edwards to Cursed Ascension.

With the vastly popular game "Warzone". An addition to the 'Call of Duty' Franchise, we knew that we had to be apart of this, and with our first pickup, we welcome them with open arms. With multiple tournament wins, we can't expect anything but great things from these two, with us and for the future.

Both players have competitive experience when it comes to Call of Duty. And when it comes to Warzone, this should help both players blossom among the rest.


New management

New Management

With an ever-growing community and team, we need to keep up to speed with everything. So we have bought two key people.

Colin 'Xythereon' who will be our new Social Media Officer (SMO) who will be dealing with Social Media, e.g. Twitter. You will most likely bump into him if you message us on any of our social platforms.

Joe 'Davtxer' who will be our new Content Director. He will be dealing with the content coming up on social media. As well as hosting and commentating on Cursed related videos and streams.

We cannot wait to get to work with Colin and Joe.



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