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Welcome our Rainbow 6 Siege roster!

Welcome Gewuhr, Matthais, Boz, Uni, Ragz and Coach Chris to Cursed.

For this first time in a long time, Cursed Ascension picks up a Rainbow 6 Siege roster. Our roster is a very committed and hard-working team.

@The_corona14 (Coach)

@Matthias_R6 (IGL Support)

@boz_r6 (Flex)

@Gewuhr_ (Entry/Roam)

@RAGZ_R6 (Entry/Roam)

@UniX__3 (Support)


All these players compete in multiple leagues and tournaments daily. 

"We're currently undefeated and #1 in UML, we're also in Focus Major Leagues and Titanium League. We were in XTC majors, but that league dissolvedm though we may be joining the league that takes its spot. Past results, we were tied 5th in WBPLC, and finished 2-3 games outside qualification for SCL season 4. Some of the upcoming league we're going to be getting into are WBPL B, and the next season of Collective. But our main goals, as this is a 18+ team, are US Challenger League, though we also might do CCS if we have the chance." - Matthias


Welcome our CS:GO roster!

Welcome Dre, mdn, sava9e, HenryS and Lylo to Cursed.

We have not competed in ESEA since season 33. We placed 2nd that season, and now its time to continue. Our roster is committed and ready to grind out Season 35 under Cursed Ascension.






Let's have a great season boys!


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